Mother's day skit :: 2009/05/13 16:23

D: (dancing to the music in her room.)

M: (Knocking at the door and call) “Rosa” “May I come In? I am bringing you some fruit.

D: Hold on a second!!

(Go back to sit at the table hurriedly, showing she is moody and leafing through the book.)

Then (Mom comes in)

M: What’s wrong my dear? You haven’t been talking much tonight?

(Mom put the fruit down on the table)

D: Mom, are you in a good mood tonight?

M; Surely I am in a good mood. You know the stock market keeps soaring. It makes me happy and all department stores are on sales because of Mother’s day. It makes me happier. How’s the school?

D: Mom, I feel so discouraged. I don’t want to study any more. 

M: Anything happened at school?

D: I hit the record low in my math mock exam today AGAIN.

M: Really? Don’t frighten me AGAIN..

D: I am so frustrated. You are so kind to hire me a tutor and I have been studying so hard for a month.

M: It cost me one thousand per hour

D: You know I even gave up my favorite Japanese Soap Opera to study math for an hour every night.       

M: That’s such a big sacrifice

D: And because of my disastrous math grade, my average dropped, which led to the lowest class ranking I have ever got.

M: I am wondering how many points you got on the math test.

D: My classmates all said the math questions this time are relatively basic and easy.

M: No wonder you are so moody. But I am still wondering how many points you got this time?

D: Maybe I should just give up on my studies altogether

M: Exactly how many points did you get?

D: Why am I so stupid? I am such an idiot. Maybe I am just not cut up for studies.

M: Maybe I should not blame you for the bad grade. But I am still wondering how many points you got this time?

D: Ten out of one hundred fifty.

M: (Frightened again) .

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  • jerry1119 | 2009/05/19 07:04 | PERMALINK | ,修改/刪除 | 回覆

    我一開始以為老師在講這件事~XD (而且文中的女主角也會跳舞,我整個就以為他是老師你~=ˇ=)

    • Rosa | 2009/05/20 16:07 | PERMALINK | 修改/刪除

      Hey! Jerry~ You are so smart!
      The original inspiration of this small episode indeed came from what you remembered about the interaction between my mom and me.
      But later on, in a view to creating a more dramatic stage effect, our team decided to twist it a bit to add a little naughty and manipulative touch to the daughter's character.