Mother's Day Skits :: 2009/05/08 14:28

Contribute your own line to the skit as you see fit where it suddenly ends:

Characterization: A clever, cunning and manipulating daughter tries to get away with her disastrous math test result by a sly conversation with her kind and loving mom.
In the daughter's room

The daughter is listening to music wearing headphones with her body swinging to the music beats. Mother knocks on the door and brings in a plate of fruits.

M: What’s wrong my dear? You haven’t been talking much tonight? Are you feeling alright?
D: Mom, I have something to tell you.. but I...
M: What's wrong? Anything happened at school?
D: Are you in a good mood tonight?
M: Yes, I think so. The stock market is soaring today.
D: Mom,... I feel so frustrated... I don't want to study any more. I failed my math exam again today. In fact, I hit another record low today... I feel so sad and discouraged.. I have been studying so hard for a month.
D: You know. I have given up my favorite Japanese soap opera to study math every night.  And you even hire a tutor for me despite your pay cut and Father's being on unpaid leave. I feel so sad, mom. My classmates said this test is actually easy.. but..
D: I really don't know what to do any more. Why am I so stupid? Am I an idiot?
D: I feel so sorry. I am so stupid. Maybe I should go kill myself. I don't deserve to live in this world.
W: Exactly how many points did you score?
D: Ten, out of 150..

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